This Week: January 14 – 20

The season of Epiphany. After Christmas. Before Ash Wednesday. A time of lengthening light.  During these “epiphanous” weeks – during January – nature’s light daily grows stronger. Days are longer, nights shorter.  Though January is still with us and the possibility of winter snow colors skies and clouds, we glimpse here and there promises of another springtime’s new life. Some Christian communities observe in addition to the feast day of Epiphany an Epiphany season after Christmas. The season lasts for varying periods of time, depending on the tradition. Most common is a forty day Epiphany season that ends with Candlemas, or the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, in early February. Three Epiphany stories grace the Christian tradition: the visit of the sages, the baptism of Jesus, and the wedding feast at Cana.  Through each, we celebrate emerging light—the light of a winter-becoming spring-sun and the always new light of God’s grace. As we begin another semester here at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, enrolling in new courses and cherishing as yet unopened books that beckon us to explore fresh theological and ministry wisdom, perhaps we can recall and even embody Epiphany’s promises of unexpected insights and expanding light.



No classes on Monday, January 21: Martin Luther King Day Observance
Opening Chapel on Tuesday, January 22: Join us in an Epiphany ritual of “chalking the door” as we begin a new semester.
January 30: Last Day to Add Classes
February 20: Last Day to Drop Classes


Regarding Your Schedule

Students can make spring registration changes beginning on the first day of classes, Wednesday, January 16.  To add courses, students must submit add forms signed by the course instructor. 


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Blessings on the week ahead,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs