This Week: October 1 - 5

Published: September 30, 2012

Calendars say much about people’s lives.  My calendar has many different blocks of varied colors on it, each of which is filled with information about where and when I am doing what at a certain time on a particular day. The first week of October on my calendar is a colorful week, the varied hues matching those that grace the trees during this time of the year. As colorful as the first week of October looks on my calendar, however, there is not much news to report that is directly related to academic deadlines or schedules or the like. Classes began at Wake Forest University School of Divinity on Wednesday, August 29. We are now entering the fifth full week of classes. Having experienced quite a few Octobers at the School of Divinity, I know that this week is usually filled with dates and deadlines related to course syllabi and assignments. Students have now or are submitting papers and are receiving feedback. Minds are focused on course readings and students are engaged in theological discussions that continue long after classroom lectures have ended. In a few weeks, “This Week” will again be filled with announcements about spring course registrations and advising. For now, as autumn spreads its colors over our pathways, study and learning continue.

Some Reminders for These Days of Study

The University Learning Assistance Center:  Wake Forest University has an excellent Learning Assistance Center. Students who want to improve their academic performance will find a range of resources through the Center, including academic counseling and study skills and time management coaching. Also, any student who has a documented disability can consult with persons on the Center staff to discuss possible services and accommodations. Additional information about the Learning Assistance Center can be found here.

The University Writing Center offers support to students who want additional support as they undertake written assignments. The Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students who “act as an audience for students’ writing” (from the Writing Center website).  Writing Center tutors will consult with students during any stage of the writing process. More information about the Writing Center can be found here.

Academic News

Last day to drop classes (with permission):  October 3

Looking Ahead

October 18 – 19 Fall Break
October 29 – November 2 Spring Registration Advising
Week of November 5 Spring 2013 Registration Begins


Blessings on the week ahead,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs




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