Inside the Cocoon; First Year Reflection

Published: September 27, 2012

The cool thing about butterflies is that while they all undergo the process of going from caterpillar to cocoon, when they come out as a butterfly they all look different. We can see yellow ones with spots, vibrant pink ones, brown that blend with the environment and an array of other types. However, the reality is, regardless of what you see as the product, each of those butterflies had to go through the process of being in the cocoon. The cocoon is visible for the world to see, yet there is an understanding that if you take it out prematurely, the caterpillar will never reach its potential to be a butterfly.

As a first year, I can’t help but think of Divinity School as a bit of a cocoon and platform to “fly” into the next step of life. I have been in school for about a month and already I have developed relationships that I hope to last a lifetime. I have had conversations that have challenged my foundations and compelled me to research to really understand the faith that I so strongly believe in. I’ve been frustrated with opinions while at the same time felt overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of this community. To put it into shorter terms, I have already begun to feel the transformational qualities of an environment like this, learning to heed the wisdom to work to grow for the better and to not be overwhelmed by the process.

It’s bigger than just being in school. It’s a process to become that butterfly. We all came here for a reason. We are all here for a purpose. So I just ask that we seek to be a positive aspect of each of our “cocoon experiences.” Be a nutrient in someone else’s cocoon. Have a conversation with somebody that you wouldn’t have gotten to know deeper had you not pushed yourself. As we seek to love one another, we will transition out of this cocoon, transformed, and become butterflies ready to spread God’s love in whatever way we are called to do it. We are meant to fly. We are meant to be transformed. It won’t always be easy (as in a lot of it won’t be easy, it seems), but I just have a feeling that it will be worth it. The caterpillar was cool being the caterpillar until it realized it  was time to become a butterfly. I look forward to seeing what we each come out as, whether we have 3 more years or 9 more months, we have each been called to fly.

Chelsea Yarborough
First Year