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Published: March 5, 2012

Summer School 2012

Registration for summer school 2012 began last week. Professor Clinton Moyer is hard at work on an online Introductory Biblical Hebrew offering for the summer term. This is the first online course offering to be developed and offered at the School of Divinity:

Introductory Biblical Hebrew
(Online Intensive Course)
Summer 2012

This is an intensive summer course, equivalent to a full academic year (two semesters) of study, intended to provide students with the basic fundamentals necessary to engage the text of the Hebrew Bible (= Old Testament) in the original language for the purposes of study, research, and ministry. By the end of the course, you will be able to write, read, and pronounce Biblical Hebrew, and to arrive at a basic understanding of any relatively straightforward text (primarily narrative/prose) from the (Hebrew portions of the) Hebrew Bible, with the aid of lexica, reference grammars, and so on. To these ends, we will devote our time to examining the full extent of Hebrew grammar, building our core vocabulary, and applying these bodies of knowledge toward the reading and translation of a large quantity of biblical verses and passages.

We will employ a wide variety of online tools and environments, including but by no means limited to WebEx, Sakai, VoiceThread, PowerPoint, eFax, Google+, etc., to achieve all of the sundry elements of a traditional on-site classroom course, including handwritten assignments, oral engagement and examination, class discussion, presentations, etc. You will be able to proceed through much of the course material in asynchronous fashion, but there also will be many opportunities for synchronous learning and interaction with the instructor and your fellow students. A more detailed description can be found here.

The intensive online version of Introductory Biblical Hebrew is a two-course, six-credit hour offering. Student summer school costs are per credit hour.

For a full description of the new online Hebrew Course, click here.

Summer School 2012:

First Summer Session Begins Tuesday, May 29
First Summer Session Ends Tuesday, July 3
First Summer Sessions Grades Due, 5pm Friday, July 6
Second Summer Session Begins Monday, July 9
Second Summer Session Ends Saturday, August 11
Second Summer Session Grades Due, 5pm Tuesday, August 14


Important Dates Regarding Fall 2012 Registration

  • Advising for Fall 2012: March 26-30
  • Registration for Fall 2012: April 2-30


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