School of Divinity meets NCAA Action; Greasy Pizza and the (5)Tarheels

Published: February 7, 2012

On January 31, I got the opportunity to go to my first Wake Forest game as a Divinity student – where the Deacs took on the Carolina Tarheels. Growing up in this area, I have gotten to go to the Lawrence Joel Coliseum for a Wake Forest game before, but it is different going as a student. As an avid sports fan and fan of all things Wake Forest, I was excited to get to go see the battle between these two teams.

Prior to the game, we went to Elizabeth’s Pizza to take advantage of their $9.95 deal for a large pizza. Now it may sound that I am giving too much detail, but it was at Elizabeth’s Pizza that the true character of a Divinity School gathering came out. It was over greasy pizza that we caught up with friends, planned spring break outings and talked theology. Somehow we went from talking about Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street to the Doctrine of Hell (I’m not at all claiming any correlation between the two). In typical Wake Div fashion, we argued different sides, played “devil’s advocate,” and came to different conclusions. The beautiful thing about it was that once the pizza and drinks ran out and the tab was closed, we moved on to the game as a community of people who could accept one another’s differences.

After a small (yet important) detour, we arrived at the game just in time to see (and smell) the Deacon come out onto the court on his motorcycle. I aspire to be the person in the Deacon costume by my third year. The atmosphere of the introductions for the game was so electrifying that it gave everyone a small glimmer of hope that we could stand a chance against the fifth ranked Tarheels. Unfortunately, that hope did not last long. In the first fifteen minutes or so, we had an ungodly amount of air balls (it only become obvious to me because I was sitting by another Div student, Jimmy Gawne (third year), who would harass our guys for their haphazard shooting every time). Recognizing that the Demon Deacons clearly did not have Tim Tebow’s God on our side, people began leaving (maybe it has something to do with having the Demon Deacon as a mascot).

As with the basketball action, at football games I do not want to miss even a minute of the game. Those familiar with Wake Forest Athletics know that the undergraduates do not get enthusiastic about the Deacons, causing attendance at football games to be minimal. The Div School crew normally carries the student section at football games. However, we too were defeated by the thundering voices of the Tarheel fans. We even had a few Judases (Div students sporting Carolina gear). Overall, it was a fun night that successfully brought friends together and built the community.

Katie Schlimmer
First Year