This Week: Jan. 30 - Feb. 5

Published: January 29, 2012

The music of upright bass and saxophone danced in the background. The poet asked for ten benedictory words. Ten strong words. Worshippers spoke:


The poet paused. Music began again. We were sent out:

Out of creation, a voice has spoken.
Spirit, by its own power, has made all of us believers.
In the ways in which God moves through us.
It is in humility that we live and breathe.
It is by the love of God that we fly toward justice.
You are the people of God.
Go in peace.

Spoken word poet, Valerie Bridgeman, and jazz artists Dave Reid and Matt Kendrick, struck the first chords last Thursday of Project Chapel, the School of Divinity’s Spring adventure in worship renewal. “Spoken Word” creatively brings together poets and jazz musicians to improvise on a theme. Last week’s Spoken Word artists invited worshippers to experience, explore, and imagine anew what it means that communities of faith incarnate—bring to life in our actions of worship—God’s Word.

Project Chapel is one of a number of interesting and engaging events planned for the Spring Term 2012. A schedule of all School of Divinity events can be found here. This week at the School of Divinity, Project Chapel will continue with worship led by the Beatitudes Society. Students will also have a chance this week to meet Rachel Whitten, Recruiting Coordinator for A Christian Ministry in the National Parks. Third year student, Shea Hawkins, will be preaching in chapel. Students can hear from Tom Benza, Assistant Director for Financial Aid, about “The Future of Financial Aid: What You Need to Know.”  Ben Martin, Program Manager for the Appalachia Service Project will visit the School to talk with students about summer chaplaincy opportunities in the Appalachian Mountains. Communication is key in the Friday “Communication Is Key” conference hosted by the Center for Congregational Health. 

This week’s days are filled with words of many different kinds. Strong words. Perhaps we can follow our Spoken Word artists’ lead and imagine how these many words can take shape in our lives as poetic renderings that reveal something new about ministry and leadership.


Academic News

  • Dropping and Adding Spring Term 2012 Courses:
  • All registered students will be able to DROP courses through WIN from January 17 thru February 1. After that, students will have to complete a drop form in order to drop courses through the end of the drop period (February 22).
  • Students who want to ADD courses to their Spring 2012 schedules should contact Susan Robinson in Wingate 303. Adding a course also requires the permission of the course instructor. The last day to ADD a course is February 1.
  • Incomplete work from the Fall Term 2011 is due to the course instructor by February 16, 2012.

    Grace and peace,

      Jill Crainshaw
      Associate Dean for Academic Affairs




    Image Source: Project Chapel Facebook Page