This Week: Jan. 23 - 29

Published: January 22, 2012
“We know, not by a direct and simple vision, not at a glance, but, as it were, by piecemealand accumulation, by a mental process, by going round an object, by the comparison, the combination, the mutual correction, the continual adaptation, of many partial notions, by the employment, concentration, and joint action of many faculties and exercises of mind.”
John Henry Cardinal Newman,
The Idea of a University, 1852


This week at the Wake Forest School of Divinity is the first full week of the Spring Term 2012. Highlights include the first weekend of Dr. Phyllis Trible’s course on Genesis, the startof Project Chapel, an experiment in worship renewal, and the school’s Spring Convocation and Installation of Dr. Bill Leonard as the James and Marilyn Dunn Professor of Baptist Studies. The Convocation and Installation are scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, at 11am in Wait Chapel featuring Dr. Harvey Cox as guest speaker. Project Chapel’s initial event, SpokenWord, is scheduled for Thursday, January 26, at 11am in the Lower Auditorium of Wingate Hall and features Dr. Valerie Bridgeman from Lancaster Seminary, Dr. Matt Kendrick from theDepartment of Music, and several local jazz musicians.

So, the semester begins, and along with it “the employment, concentration, and joint action of many faculties and exercises” of students’ and professors’ minds. Accompanying this work of the mind, in fact inseparable from it, so, too, begins again theological education’s work of stretching hearts, delighting spirits, and infusing bodies with the courage and energy to incarnate the Gospel. The trio of highlights this week—a study of Genesis, Convocation, and ProjectChapel—reflect these aims of theological education. Join us as we chart a course of theological learning for this spring term.

Academic News

Dropping and Adding Spring Term 2012 Courses:

  • All registered students will be able to DROP courses through WIN from January 17 thru February 1. After that, students will have to complete a drop form in order to drop courses through the end of the drop period (February 22).
  • Students who want to ADD courses to their Spring 2012 schedules should contact Susan Robinson in Wingate 303. Adding a course also requires the permission of the course instructor. The last day to ADD a course is February 1.


Grace and peace,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs




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