Published: January 25, 2012

Greetings and welcome to Unfolding! This blog has been created to be an exciting, diverse, and honest look into the daily life of students of Wake Forest University School of Divinity. Here in the Divinity School, we do have our own newspaper (The Tablet), but it is largely written for students already well embedded in the community. The plan for this blog is for those a bit further out from the center of the Divinity School community to get a better idea of the rich lives lived by those walking our halls.

Here, many current students, and perhaps a stray faculty member, will write about anything and everything we encounter day to day. We will share thoughts on everything from Chapel services to intramural sporting events, noteworthy lectures to social gatherings, exciting trips to community lunch, and everything in between and beyond.

The School of Divinity is a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds and traditions collide together in a community of vocational discernment and academic pursuit. The student body is a strong and affirming community that includes people from diverse faith traditions, from many states and other countries, straight from undergraduate study and somewhere further along, with different political views and personal commitments; all are equally valued. The diversity of the Divinity School is not just evident in the students and distinguished faculty, but also in the opportunities available through courses, trips and building our community up together. We welcome you to this blog and invite you to catch a glimpse of what our community has to offer!


As a story. As a person.

On a journey. Discerning. Learning.

Nurturing. Cultivating.

These are stories of unfolding at the Wake Forest School of Divinity.

Perry Dixon
First Year