This Week: Nov. 7 - 13

Published: November 7, 2011


While Sleeping, Stay Awake! 


Paul Galbreath is a friend and colleague of mine who teaches at Union-PSCE in Richmond, Virginia. Paul discovered an intriguing medieval drawing of an alchemist. The alchemist is bent over his desk, determinedly reading manuscripts in search of the secret to turning metal into gold. Over a doorway depicted in the drawing hangs a sign with these words:  “While sleeping, stay awake!” I like what Paul wrote about this medieval proverb: “The possibility of discovering the secrets of transformation requires a kind of conscious alertness that transcends our rational abilities to think our way through to a new way of life.” The proverb and Paul’s interpretation of it are insightful for these days when the end of the semester is in sight but much remains to be done. I offer them to you on this first Monday in November 2011.


A Note about Spring Registration:

The last day to register for the spring semester is Wednesday, November 30, 2011.  After November 30, students will not be able to add or drop courses until the first day of spring semester, January 18, 2012.

Blessings on your week,

  Jill Crainshaw
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs





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